Samstag, 25. Dezember 2010

1. Schweizer Twittersong: When All Tweeps Tweet

Es war mir ein grosser Spass und Ehre, bei diesem Projekt mitzumachen! Mehr gibt es nicht zu sagen. Merci an @sebinomics für's tätschmeistern und @dworni für's drumherum!

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when all tweeps tweet
by sebastiano mereu

i tweet yin, you retweet yang
@myname big, i DM bang
you're the :P to my 2.0
i'm the millionth subscriber to your show
show me the My to yourSpace
throw me a sheep in my face(book)-mark my tweet
there's nowhere else we would rather meet

bits and bytes are the highest heights
in a digitized world ruled by a bird
that leads with feeds and retweets tweets
TV is obsolete,.. when all tweeps tweet

@yourname is what i write
when i want you here by my side
i confide myself to a bird
it ain't absurd, i'm not a nerd
140 signs can shake 300 giants
a tinyurl will link me to you
i will prove that my tweet is true

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